Let’s make mountain climbing more fun and safer.

Due to recent boom of outdoor activities, the number of mountain climbers are increasing.
However, the number of mountain climbing related accidents also increasing.
TREK TRACK is a system that transfer status of the climbers although
they are out of range of internet connection with the purpose of early detection and rescue.


TREK TRACK works by smartphone and iBeacon that make the current position of the climbers become viewable in the online environment.

mesh network

We using a technology called “mesh network” to make the current position of the climbers become viewable online.

iBeacon that was set at the climbing route will work as a check point to accumulate the log to the climber's smartphone.

Log will store every time the climbers passing each other via a smart phone.
The status of climbers will be digitalized automatically.

If any of the climbers go online, the log data on their smart phone will be to the database.

With all of these, the status of the climbers are viewable from a browser in almost real time.

mesh network

In reality, energy is the vital and unavoidable problem in utilizing mesh network system.
However, TREK TRACK have resolved this problem.

The wireless terminals placed around the mountains will have solar panel attached in order to store the power supply.

In addition, installation of station terminal with the use of methanol to perform power generation in the mountain will enable climbers to charge their smartphones.

Moreover, station also equipped with weather forecasting system. Therefore it could send alert to the climbers whenever extreme whether changes occur.


  • Junpei Qawasaki
  • Yosuke Sasagaki
  • Kazuhiro Hara
  • Mariko Ito
  • Yuto Kumon
  • Takuya Asahida
  • Toshihiko Shindo
  • Taku Iwahashi
  • Hiroshi Koi
  • Hiroki Matsuse
  • Thammat Tanpoungchoey
  • Tomoya Ikeda
  • Issei Kumazaki
  • Hitomi Sato
  • Mika Nakagawa
  • Kaede Komine
  • Manato Kemmochi
  • Yoshimasa Yokoyama
  • Miho Osaka